No More Work For Me

I have just finished the last of the work that I need to do at MIT. In a few hours, I will go to campus print out a few things, hand in a few things, go to a few classes and then be all done.

Also, I decided that I might as well pull an all-nighter because it would be my last chance to justifiably do so at MIT.

Hail Eris

All Glory To The Hypnotoad


The whistles go. "WOO!!!"

I don't know you. I've never heard of you. But I was doing a Google map search on "Waksman" trying to find my grandparents house on a map. No purpose really. But I flipped the Google switch to a straight up web search and came across your page.

So there isn't a point to this I guess. Other than a mild curiosity that we might somehow be related. That, and I appreciated your samurai quote about the rainstorm. What was the one about the vengeful ghost?

-M Waksman