Scud, The Tick and the Man Who Liked Comics

I was sitting in my apartment, reading Scud: The Disposable Assassin (hard to find but absolutely awesome) and I was reminded of Michael Carroll, the man who introduced me to the likes of Scud. On top of Scud, Mike introduced me to the comic rendition of The Tick (I was already aware of the television cartoon) and many other comic books during our middle school years. Mike's a good man and in addition to having been one of the best friends that the likes of me could have had, probably helped in making me the man that I am.

In spite of not having seen Mike in a few years, I still feel rather amicable towards him and the experience that triggered this post has told me that he is inextricably linked with comic books in my mind. In fact, he's linked with my memories of an entire period of my life. Fancy that.

In closing, I'd like to raise my metaphorical glass to Michael Carroll, wherever he may be.


you know what I'm going to call mike

"...wherever he may be"

His parents are right here in Concord.

Yeah, and he happens to be in Minnesota; I spoke with him on the phone recently.