Earlier today I bought a boat. She's a beautiful 1987 Hobie 16 catamaran. She has white hulls and the sails are red and white. Her hulls are flawless, the trapeze is in great shape, the sails are in good shape and one cleat needs replacing. I am going to have a great deal of fun sailing this summer.

As any good (superstitious) sailor knows, it's bad luck to rename a boat so I have two options: keep the old name or perform a complex de-naming ceremony. I did some reading about de-naming ceremonies, which range from spilling champagne while invoking Poseidon to sailing backwards across the equator, and some thinking about the boats current name, Synchronicity. Having done the thinking, comparison, and superstitious soul searching, I have decided that sticking with the current name, which it has held for 18 years, is a good one. Synchronicity is a term defined by the psychologist Jung to mean a meaningful coincidence. Also, it's a pretty and powerful name, carefully written on her side.


Wow. That's awesome. Take pictures.