Dave: 308, George: 305

Dave 308, George 305

This was the end result of a Scrabble game that my friend Dave and I played a couple nights ago. I post because it's the first 300+ point game of Scrabble I've ever played.

The blanks were 'B' in "RIBBING" and 'S' in "QUALMS". The final score was Dave: 308, George: 305.


"Barb" is a pretty nice opener, I have to say. Overall, that game is cwazy.

ORKS is not a valid Scrabble word.

dict thinks that it is

Don't know what dictionaries you have installed, my dict certainly doesn't have that. Nor does the official Scrabble dictionary, http://www.hasbro.com/scrabble/pl/page.tools/dn/home.cfm, which by the way says that "ok" and "oi" are also invalid. But I guess if neither of you challenged those words, then the scrabble rules say anything goes...

Ork \Ork\, n. (Zool. & Mythol.)
     See Orc.
     [1913 Webster]