Generic Conversations

I've been playing a wonderful conversational game of late, having generic conversations. The game works a little like this, instead of having an actual conversation, you express the generic underlying conversation or make vague, general statements. It's a little hard to grasp from that description, so here's an example.

A: Statement of inquiry.

B: Acknowledgment of inquiry. Vague half-answer meant to divert topic.

A: Statement drawing focus to diversion but accepting it and changing topic.

C: Bold statement regarding new topic meant to draw attention to self.

B: Veiled statement of distaste for forceful interjection. Empty statement to lighten conversation.

A: Witty banter.

C: Short joke that's not very good.

A: Really terribly joke.

B: Statement about a current event.


Of course, this is a poor example because I had to come up with it on my own to illustrate a point. Certainly though, one can use varying levels of vagueness and generality. It's a great deal of fun and can be rather challenging to keep things generic but interesting without repeating oneself or devolving into meaninglessness.


Oooh... That actually does sound like fun. haha Thanks, Gwax. And thanks for visiting my blog, if only to "keep things fresh." ;) Have fun @ Wood's Hole!