Shoulder update, not so good

I went to see the orthopedic surgeon again today for a follow up look at my shoulder and he took some X-Rays and it turns out that I chipped my scapula. This means that my glenoid labrum is probably torn; the glenoid labrum is the soft tissue that extends from the scapula to make a soft cup sort of thing for the joint. The chipped piece of scapula will have either torn itself entirely free or is still connected to the glenoid labrum. If the chip is connected to the glenoid labrum it will prevent proper healing and I will need surgery; if it has floated free it can probably be ignored and the glenoid labrum should hopefully be able to heal itself with time. In order to find out how the status of my soft tissue I'm going to have to get an MRI sometime next week and then make another follow up appointment.

The future of my shoulder recovery is now dependent on the MRI results. If the chip has dragged the glenoid along with it, I'll get surgery, which will be followed by 6 weeks of immobilization and recovery and then 3 months of physical therapy. However, if I'm lucky, the problem can be ignored and I can start physical therapy soon and have a working arm again in a month or so.

Since optimism has been building me up for big let downs of late, I think that I'll just go with the pessimist approach and work on accepting that I'm going to have to get surgery and have a bum shoulder for the next 5 months. It's almost as though I couldn't just let myself be happy and have a good summer, so I added a sour vein through the summer. I guess that I'll just tack this up as another example of the way my luck runs.