Agog I Tell You, Agog

I don't know whether to get on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 bandwagon and it's not because they both look great, it's because neither of them stands out. I swear, it's like a modern election. I'm pleased by my Xbox because of its incremental graphical improvements since my Dreamcast and because of some of its wonderful games but I don't think there's been anything terribly revolutionary since the NES. The video game industry has been stuck in a rut of incremental improvements and minor new gameplay features. The Xbox 360 is turning more into a PC, which aggravates me because I already have a PC and I don't like the idea of a modular console. The PlayStation 3 makes me think of a movie industry parallel, sequels tend to turn out great, sometimes better than the first but the third in a series usually tends to go downhill: ignoring a few decent trilogies, look at the Terminator, RoboCop, Predator and other movie series; why don't you do something new instead of the same thing again. However, looking at Nintendo, a company I've ignored for years, we see something kind of interesting; I just watched the teaser trailer for the new Nintendo Revolution controller and I was completely wowed. The Nintendo Revolution controller looks like a completely new approach to video games; during the first few moments of the video I thought it was just another cutesy thing like most of what they've been doing but by the end I was completely agog. The segment of the video where a guy seemed to be using the controller as a sword practically had me drooling. I've got to say, if Nintendo can pull off the sorts of things that trailer suggests, I may become a die hard Nintendo guy like Sherv and Sam.


It almost has me reconsidering my semi-decision not to buy the next console in the hopes of spending more time, you know, working -- the same reason I might be getting cable canceled soon. I have to admit, though, that TV sucks me in a lot more frequently than gaming does, these days, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

In any case: yes, it is sexy, although I keep hearing people apply the name "conceptual disaster" to it. I think it's just fine if Nintendo turns into a gaming boutique / "indie" brand, though. Yowza.