Navy Dolphins on the Lamb

It turns out the US Navy has been training dolphins to help protect ships and kill terrorists. That the military has been doing this is news to me and I think it's incredibly keen, albeit ethically questionable. On top of the keenness of trained dolphins, apparently some of the dolphins have been outfitted with toxic dart guns; how metal is that? Now, you might be asking where the lambs come into this whole thing, and to get into that we need to ask where the Navy's been doing this research? Turns out the research was being done in good old Southern Louisiana. What with all that Hurricane Katrina stuff going on down there, there's some concern that some of the armed dolphins might have escaped and might accidentally shoot unsuspecting divers and surfers. Escaped military dolphins with toxic dart guns; this is almost as good as "sharks with friggin' laser beams on their heads".


lol... but for the dolphins to hurt anybody they would have to be equipped with their toxic dart gun harness which I'm sure they only put on them for training missions.

I wonder how the dolphins aim and fire the dart though.

Maybe they wear the harnesses all the time, as a man of leisure might continually wear his smoking jacket.

Oh, and I think you mean that they're "on the lam," without the "b."

Indeed, that is what I meant.

Clearly the lambs are for target practice/BBQ. The Navy has finally found a way for animals to kill other animals for us to eat.