New Wordpress Theme

I've finally gotten around to doing a full workup of my Wordpress theme so as to provide a style more in line with the style that I use on my homepage and also to bring my blog up to XHTML 1.1 compliance. Being only one man, I haven't been able to do a complete QA workup of the theme so if you see anything that looks wrong, doesn't work on your browser (I've tested Firefox 1.0.6 and IE 6.0 under Windows XP some) or doesn't validate to XHTML 1.1, please let me know so that I can fix it. Beyond that, I'll try to find any problems that I can.

Also, I've decided to stop using nested comments and to get rid of the comment preview box because I was the only person using the nested comments and the live preview box didn't work well enough for my tastes.


It is boxy and old-fashioned, just the way I like!

(Not that anybody who hasn't seen my web sites would really get what I mean...)