Shadowrun on the Xbox 360

It looks as though Microsoft has decided to capitalize on their ownership of FASA Interactive and the rights to all FASA based video games. Production is underway on a Shadowrun game for the Xbox 360 (related articles here and here and elsewhere). It looks like Microsoft may have found a way to convince me to buy an Xbox 360 or, at the very least, get under my skin about it. God I hope this game doesn't suck.


There was a Shadowrun game for the SNES. Did you ever play it? I didn't, but my friend's Nicholas' brother had a copy...

I did play it but it wasn't all that good. There was one, however, on the Sega Genesis that was half decent.

I played both the SNES and the Genesis versions of the game. Genesis was hands down better than the SNES version. I truely hope that the Shadowrun game for the X360 doesn't suck... I hope it blows both the Genesis and the SNES games out of the water.

Sad that it's a FPS game though... was hoping for third person, customisable characters. Well, maybe the characters will be customisable, but I was realy hoping for a non-FPS game.

Yeah, if it's FPS our only hope is that it's FPS in the way that say Deus Ex, Elder Scrolls or the like are FPS.