Shoulder update: Euphoria

Saw the orthopod again today and got my first does of good news with regards my shoulder. Apparently the chip in the bone is small and in a non-critical spot and my glenoid labrum is only minimally damaged. The orthopod said that I probably have a greater than 50% chance of not needing surgery and that I can stop wearing the sling as comfort permits. I'm supposed to start physical therapy soon and that should slowly get my shoulder working again. As for now, I'm allowed to use it as much as I feel comfortable so long as I don't carry any heavy loads with my shoulder or do anything extreme. Even though there's still a chance of my needing surgery, getting out of the sling and being told that chances are better of my not needing surgery makes me incredibly happy.

It may be a little limited but I have two arms again. [Insert exclamation to non-existent higher power]!


I am glad that you are only moderately broken.

Since when has your blog turned into a forum for whining about God? Sheesh.

I'm glad too. As for the whining about God, I don't know and, quite frankly, it kind of pisses me off.