Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored

I knew it was going to happen and I'm sure spending September watching television didn't help, I'm tired of doing nothing. Truth be told, I'm kind of surprised that it happened so quickly, I was expecting it to take another week or so. So, what am I going to do about it you might ask, yeah me too. Well, I've already begun turning the slow wheels towards getting myself a job to make money for now, but I doubt that will do everything I need. I've started working on turning the Silly Clown Joke into an unnecessarily long story in writing, which makes for one side project. I'm also reading up to try and get better at Go, a side-effect of the fact that Go seems to be getting popular around my parts of Senior House and I'm not any good at the game. Maybe I should find myself a girlfriend who I can pay a lot of attention to in order to pass the time and amuse myself. I expect that I'll probably find some way to keep myself entertained, and the longer I take finding it, the harder I'll be looking.


I recommend against the "finding woman to lavish attention upon" option, because whenever you start doing stuff of your own again, she might become disgruntled.

Pff, in my experience, women tend to get disgruntled for some reason or another whatever I do. Still, I'm probably just going to go the get a job route. Besides, jobs provide money, women take it.

Tsh, yeah, what is it with us? But really, you have to admit - we are mind-blowingly sexy, whereas jobs are not. Unless it is a certain kind of "job".