I think that I can fit you in at...

A number of people have recently expressed interest in hanging out with me now that I'm back in the vicinity of Cambridge so I thought that it might be about time to remind people of how very easy it is to get me to hang out. Normally I maintain a pretty sparse schedule but since I'm currently unemployed (which for some reason I really enjoy saying right now), I'm keeping a nearly empty schedule. To hang out with me one need simply find a place where I'm already hanging out or get me to come to wherever one is, both of which are easy tasks, which I will explain how to accomplish. In order to find a place where I am already hanging out, I highly recommend calling my cell phone and asking me but, beyond that, when I'm not at home, I am usually in Destiny Kitchen or 433. As for getting me to come hang out with you, just tell me where and when (you can schedule me in as far in advance as you like--first come, first serve--but for more than a couple days, you'll probably have to remind me); the best ways to tell me are call my cell phone, AIM me or e-mail me. As far as getting a hold of me, I should add the caveats that I don't get cell reception at home and I'm not AIMable or quick to respond to e-mail when I'm asleep. Worst case, leave me a voicemail and I'll get back to you next time I have reception. In general, I need about 5 minutes notice if I'm in the city or 30 minutes notice if I'm at home.

If you don't know my cell phone number, AIM username or e-mail address, ask me next time you see me or post a comment on this post.


hang out with me, george! i have sandwiches.

That's totally not calling, IMing, or e-mailing me with a where and when or question about my current location! This is precisely the issue this post is meant to address.

Also, mmm, chicks with sandwiches.

George, you should hang out with me.

It'll involve a road trip, though.


You are on the list of people to visit if I ever get around to taking a great big cross-USA road trip.

This is too complicated for my mind.