Top Ten (err, One) Reasons the Internet is Evil

  1. Erotic Fan-Fiction


... and it was then that Harry first felt a girl's cunt. Hermione was moist already, and her witchy gaze only drew Harry in closer...

If I liked Harry Potter, you'd be illustrating the point well. However, since I don't care about Harry Potter, you do not get the defilement points.

Please don't take that as a challenge.

... Megatron found Starscream asleep in his quarters. Although he wouldn't usually resort to such deeds, his throbbing robection had taken over his control cortex, and he began to unscrew the general's rear service panel. Starscream stirred and murmured at the unfamiliar touch, but soon he fell back into a deep slumber. Megatron, feared and despised across the galaxy, knew he was being sufficiently gentle. ...

P.S. I took it as a challenge.


Sherv: BRILLIANT. Throbbing robection?

George: I'm right with you, buddy. Fucking hell.


Shervin, now you've fudged the bucket and told me too many words to know.

Whoa, güd!