Truck Repairs

I need to do a bit of work on my truck as soon as the weather will allow it (damned rain). The big thing that I need to do are get under my truck and check that the oil filter and oil pan drain plug are tightened sufficiently; I seem to have developed a slow oil leak since I changed my oil, which makes them my prime suspects. Beyond that, I'm pretty sure that I need to change my brake pads (I really hope that I have rear disc brakes and don't have to deal with drums). After that, I'm going to make a check of all my fluid levels and go back to waiting for enough money to change my tires. I'll probably fiddle around with things a bit too, just for fun.

For those of you that are concerned, these are minor issues I can deal with myself, except the tires, that I need money for. Soon I get work, then I get tires, that's the plan. Until then, I've got a spare so I'm ok if anything goes wrong (except for a high-speed blow-out).

And yes, I am phrasing things to incite you.

Beat up old cars are great.