A few bad little Tremors

In my continued policy of watching a whole bunch of movies ranging from very good to highly dubious in quality, I just watched Tremors 2, 3 and 4, having seen the first many years ago. I can easily say that the first one was fun as far as bad horror movies go. Notably though, the first one had Kevin Bacon in it. The second and third ones followed the trend of horror movie sequels being worse than the original, but still fun in a campy kind of way, sort of. The fourth in the series, goes and completely redeems the second and third by being set in the Wild West and having Billy Drago, of The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. fame. Things don't get much better than a Western with giant killer sand worms that doesn't take itself seriously.


i have to admit, i was a fan of tremors 4 back in the day of cheesy TBS/USA movies at 2am.

Horror western? Brilliant.

Almost as brilliant as casting John Wayne as Genghis Khan (AKA Temujin).