Through one or another of the linksites I visit regularly, I came to an article about a Kansas State U. support group for girlfriends jealous of video games. The group goes by Girlfriends Against Video Games and the article made me think pretty much one thing, girls need to play more video games.


My boyfriend keeps trying to get me to stop playing World of Warcraft. I keep trying to get him to play. I'm sure one of us will win in the end.

I'd offer you both luck in trying to get your way, but I don't think it'll help his cause much; that World of Warcraft is a real doozy. They just got me with the crack dealer around the corner technique™, the free sample.

You play? What server/side?


MMORPGs will steal your life. City of Heroes stole my summer.


Right now I'm a Horde character on Dark Iron but I don't know that I'll necessarily still be playing in a week when my 10-day free trial expires.

Yeah, WoW has stolen the past three days from me; thankfully I'm not really doing much of anything else right now.

If you join, I'm alliance on Suramar.