H3: Even worse than the H2

I happened to be next to and then behind a brand spanking new H3 on Memorial Drive earlier today and I formed a few, mostly negative, impressions on the thing. Ok, so first off, this thing doesn't even look like a HMMWV anymore; the Hummer was a civilianized HMMWV and the H2 was a gentrified Hummer, but the H3 is a soccer mom SUV that's styled to vaguely remind you of an H2. I'll give you the most blatantly stupid example of what I saw on the H3: on the back right of the thing, I saw a thick metal ring of the sort that you could hook chains to so as to pull a heavy load but when I looked for a matching ring on the left, I saw the license plate, which means the one on the right must be ornamental. How dumb is the idea of an ornamental heavy towing ring? It's not a nice or classy ornament; it basically just says, "when you look at my truck I want you to think that I'd like to be able to tow really heavy stuff but will never actually have any desire to do so". This whole SUV as an image thing is just getting ridiculous; if you want to look hardcore, be hardcore, cut out this fucking poser crap.


Mike, Matt, and I have decided that the world is mostly posers.

For the most part, they're just amusing, but then they "do their job," as it were, and get in your way.