My mad Soul Calibur skillzors

Proof of my mad Soul Calibur skillzors Proof of my mad Soul Calibur skillzors

These images are screenshots taken from my copy of Soul Calibur that show my record of 1'04"02 in Arcade mode. All this thinking about video games made me remember and I figured it was as good a time as any to put proof on the intzorweb. We didn't think to tape it when I beat the record, so this is the best I've got. Sorry about the tagging, but I care about this and don't trust the internet half as far as I can throw it. Also, since this was back when I was at my absolute best, I would be mighty surprised if anyone has done any better than this, ever. Some people on the internet seem to have claimed better times, but the best confirmed time I've found is around 1'30; if you can find better, please point me to it. It's a real pity that I didn't manage to beat a minute. For the search engines, if they care, this is my best time high score in Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast in Arcade Mode.


Astaroth? Wasn't that ME?


Yes it was Astaroth; Rock didn't have as much knockback force and Cervantes' ring out throw took too long to execute. That and it was most assuredly me that got the minute-four time; not only do I remember it quite well, but you will notice the "GSW" in the images instead of an "RSW".

And, while we're at it, trash talk, I have always been your proverbial daddy when it comes to Soul Calibur. Remember that time that I beat you blindfolded? Yeah, who's your daddy? That's right, I'm your daddy bitch!

It's true that when we first met you were substantially better than I was at SC, but I quickly adapted and we were eventually more-or-less evenly matched, depending on who was playing which character.

Remember when I frustrated the fuck out of you by playing Ivy and repeatedly kicking your ass with nothing but quick dodges and cuts?