News from inside Verizon Labs

In continuing with being unemployed, I went and participated in a focus group at Verizon Labs in Waltham and made $75 today. I got into the focus group through a posting on Craigslist and by filling out a survey about my video game usage. In my world of right now, the whole endeavor worked out to talking about video games for an hour and a half in exchange for a full tank of gas and an extra $40; this unemployed thing is kind of annoying but it does have it's more romantic elements.

Anyway, you might be wondering what Verizon cares about video games for, which is something that I wondered as well. Verizon is working on launching their FiOS fiber optic broadband service and is trying to figure out different service packages to include with the thing and they're thinking of including a video game service. Thankfully, they seem aware of the fact that they have no chance of competing with the likes of Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo and seem to be looking into making a service based on older games and simpler games. Personally, I think that it's a dumb idea that's going to fail miserably because the only people that want to play older games already do so with old consoles or with emulators. So that's what they're planning and if they wanted to, they could pay me $100k and I'd write up a great big document explaining why it's a bad idea that's destined to fail but they only gave me $75 so I gave my input as was appropriate to the situation and they'll probably go through with it anyway. I expect that they've already invested upwards of a million dollars in this and won't want to cut the cord, which will end up losing them many millions more in the end. I'm telling you Verizon, pay me more and I'll spell out for any executive you have, even those that don't know a thing about video games, why this is a horrible idea that's destined to lose you money. I'm no businessman but I'm savvy to the mind of the video game player and I'm plenty savvy to the way my generation buys crap.