Sidekick II v2.3

Earlier today, my Sidekick notified me of a new over-the-air update; now seeing as it will keep pestering you until you update and I'm the "ooh new and flash!" sort of person, I let it go and install the update. I've only been poking at the thing a little bit, but I can already say that v2.3 is definitely a good update, in more than just superficial ways. A lot of little things have changed and some biggish things have changed. I expect there's some stuff I haven't seen yet and so far everything's good. Here's a quick run-down of some of the changes I've seen:

  • AOL Instant Messenger - Added buddy icon support. Away messages now appear on buddy list. Still no profile support.
  • Phone - Icon has changed; first and least impressive thing I've noticed.
  • Address Book - Added Instant Messaging field, which pleases me immensely and means I'll have to spend some time with my address book in the near future.
  • Web Browser - Here's where v2.3 really shines and gave me a couple of "Holy shit!" moments. The interface and notifications are a little cleaner and more informative, ok. There is now a Find feature, keen. Much better CSS support, woah good! JavaScript support, SWEET MOTHER OF MERCY! I haven't had much of a chance to look into the JavaScript support yet, but I'm going to fire up digg and Google Maps later to test the quality of things. This may mean that I'll have to modify the CSS on my website and blog to accommodate a functional browser with a 240x160 screen.
  • Camera - New loading screen instead of just freezing up for a few moments with the word loading overlaid, reassuring and good improvement. Better picture quality, maybe, I'm not sure but it seems to be taking slightly better photos, if it's a placebo, oh well, if it's real, HOT!

That's all that I've noticed so far and I'm very pleased. I'll update after I check the JavaScript and if I find anything more.