The Great Job Hunt 2005

I had an interview earlier today for a web development position and I'm pretty sure that it went poorly, but as with all failures, there was more learned than with success. To that end, having spent the first five minutes of the car drive back beating myself up for screwing up and the remaining twenty-five thinking about what I could have done better, I have a pretty good idea of some of the mistakes I made.

My first reaction was to write all the things I would have liked to have said here in the hopes that the interviewers might read my blog and think better of me. Realizing that was both silly and a continuation of the mistakes I was already making, that paragraph has been replaced with this paragraph.

I figure my main problem was that I was too busy trying to figure out what they wanted and how to impress my mad skillzors (sic) instead of just trying to present me as me and hope that's what they want. I should figure out a way to get better at meeting new people and being myself.