The Pants Scale

I have decided to start using a new rating system for ascribing quality and victory to things and people, namely pants. For example, I am going to award two and a half pants to the person that suggested I watch the movie that I'm watching right now. It should be noted that this is pants and not pairs of pants.

The pants I am discussing here are less like real pants and more like points, in a karmic sense. To that end, they are non-transferable, have no monetary value, are non-corporeal and are not keep in any records.


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Dude, go watch this. It reminds me of you, and I want to see if it reminds you of you.

I'm going to have to go and agree with you here; I find it a bit self-reminiscent as well. In fact, I've been planning to start up a new blog devoted solely to eating semi-healthy for dirt-cheap whenever I next find myself living on my own.

Watching them all makes me think that getting a camera-lackey and doing a cooking show might be even better than just having a text-based blog. The text loses out on all of the technique aspects of the cooking.

On a scale of pants to pants, how would you rate me?

You can't rate things in pants. Pants can only be awarded for achievements.

So then, every 10th pants automatically becomes part of your pants pool?

Damnit Weebles, it's when you pull crap like that that I remember how great it was when you lived 50 feet from me.

The once and future neighbor.

Remember, the bigheads await.

"Bighead, tell Riad that I'm not talking to him!"

Bighead, tell George that anything he wants to say to me he can say to you instead.