And an era comes to an end

Turns out, I'm employable and, not only that, I've become employed. This now marks the end of my sitting around all day on my computer editing Uncyclopedia, watching YTMNDs and generally reading the intzorweb. Oh well, the times were good while they lasted and now I'll get to have money again. Anyway, I've been hired by Innov-X Systems; they make portable XRF devices for various applications. My official title is "R&D Scientist", which I think is a pretty keen title. My job is going to be a mix of materials science stuff and computer work, so it should be fun and interesting. So yeah, no longer unemployed.


Hooray for Jorge!

Congeorgeulations! See, I research & development-ed a combination of the words "Congratulations" and "George". That's the sort of thing you'll get to do as an R&D Scientist, I 'spect. So was this the really neat place you were telling me about?


you crazy people gettin your crazy jobs. way to go :)

Yeah, this is the place that I wanted to work at, so hopefully it'll be pretty fun.

Badass! Grats George!