Caffeine my old friend, how've you been?

I decided to bring my tea pot and some of my tea to work today and the result was, of course, that I drank a bunch of tea today (three pots). The first two pots I brewed were of Russian Caravan, which is a very good, dark, high caffeine tea. Now, I've been living an almost caffeine-free life for the past few months and so my system reacted rather strongly to two pots of strong tea, leaving me rather on the wired side by noon; my reaction was a little stronger than I would like, but it's not unpleasant and in the past it's been fantastic in improving my performance in a given day. I guess, in short, I've rediscovered caffeine and oh man, is it great.


Woo! Welcome back to the world of the caffeinated.

I have to give up good ole' caffeine over the Christmas break so that it works for me again. I can drink a pot of strong black before bed and still sleep like a baby---without using my patented Falling Asleep Super Power (TM).