Firefox 1.5

So I went ahead and upgraded my web browser to Firefox 1.5 and my impressions so far are positive, only slightly so, but still positive.To tell the truth, I haven't really noticed much of a difference at all, except in so far as Mozilla Firesomething (which I mentioned a while back) doesn't work. I really like Firesomething, but I can live without it until they upgrade it to be v1.5 compatible. The big changes as far as I'm concerned are that Firefox 1.5 now has support for CSS2, CSS3 and SVG; I expect I will update my blog and web site .css files to take advantage of some of the new features sometime soon. Other than that, there are supposedly bug fixes and speed improvements but whatever.

If you're still using Internet Explorer, I really do recommend switching to Firefox, it's vastly superior.


Firefox IS much better - much more customized options themes, extensions etc. - I also miss the Firesomething extension from the new v1.5. Please let me know if it comes out...