Goodbye Burlington Taco Bell

There used to be a Taco Bell in the little mini-mall across the street from the Burlington Mall; it has been replaced with a Wendy's. I consider this terribly unfortunate because I have quite a fondness for getting Taco Bell on random occasions and this particular Taco Bell was the closest Taco Bell to Concord that I knew of. I have good memories of trips to that Taco Bell with various friends: there was the time a fat chick was checking out Geoff, there was the time I busted the radiator on my Accord and plenty of others; it was a good Taco Bell. Ugh, an to be replaced by a Wendy's, I don't even like Wendy's. Well, at least there's a Quizno's in the Burlington Mall Food Court.

I will miss you Burlington Taco Bell.


I loved the little tacos, I loved them good...