Let's talk extensions

As I expect is rather clear, I use Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser. Now, Firefox, has a pretty solid system for adding extensions and there are rather a few that I use and like, so I thought that I'd let you folks in on my personal preferences in Firefox Extensions. I've organized them in the seemingly nonsensical way that my Firefox's extension manager has, so you'll have to wade through the minor ones as well as the really keen ones.

  • BetterSearch - gives me thumbnails in search pages, kind of nice though not particularly useful
  • mozcc - puts creative commons license information in my statusbar, not important but kind of nice to know sometimes
  • Popup ALT Attribute - gives me a little popup bubble of the ALT text when I mouse over an image; really nice to have sometimes
  • IE Tab - allows internet explorer to be embedded in a tab; this is unbelievably keen sometimes and means I don't ever have to open internet explorer
  • Live HTTP Headers - allows me to watch and modify headers; lets me pull some interesting chicanery sometimes
  • Fasterfox - uses some hacks to make Firefox load pages faster
  • Dict - select a word and look it up with dict
  • Extended Statusbar - Adds a lot of information about page loading to my statusbar, another keen but not so functional extension
  • Tab Mix Plus - adds multiple tab rows, adds tab reordering, adds middle click to close, adds a bunch of other stuff; this extension enhances tabbed browsing by an order of magnitude and I consider it completely indispensable
  • Firesomething - changes the browser's name in the titlebar; I love this extension and really hope they hurry up and make it compatible with Firefox 1.5 soon
  • Disable Targets For Downloads - prevents empty windows from being opened for downloads, which gets rid of a moderate annoyance
  • Viamatic foXpose - adds a button to your statusbar, which when pressed, gives you a window with thumbnails of all your tabs; really keen
  • Flashblock - replaces flash with a placeholder that you can click to enable individual flash elements; indispensable if, like me, you hate 95% of flash but still want to use it occasionally
  • Open Source in Tab - in case it wasn't apparent yet, I like tabbed browsing, this lets me view page sources without having to deal with a new window
  • ChatZilla - an IRC client built on Firefox; it's a clean and decent client, serves my needs (I've been IRCing a bit of late)
  • FireFTP - an FTP client built on Firefox; gives me more FTP functionality when I need it
  • Download Statusbar - puts the download manager in my statusbar (I use the mini configuration)