Negative Two

When I left my house today, the temperature was -2°F, which is pretty darned cold, especially for this early in the winter. Anyway, I noticed a few interesting kinetic side-effects of the temperature; aside from normal things like my truck taking an extra second to get started, my car CD player LCD was doing some funny stuff. In case you don't know how LCDs work, the display itself is polarized and there's a charged, polarizing liquid crystal in the display, when no charge is applied, the polarization matches up and it appears clear, but when you apply an electric field the liquid crystal reorients at 90° to the display making things black. So, like I was saying, the low temperature messed with the kinetics such that the liquid crystal became viscous and slow-moving, which resulted in a display that morphed from one number to the next as my CD progressed second to second. The whole effect looked really neat and makes me wonder if there might be a market for high viscosity liquid crystal displays.


Wow, that is a neat idea. It's like the XScreenSaver Dali Clock, except in hardware!