X3 Announcement Teaser Analysis

Gautham sent out a link to the X3 Announcement Teaser with the suggestion that someone might pick the thing apart, so I've taken it upon myself to do so. Without further ado, here's my analysis of the X3 Announcement Teaser:

  • They mention trying to cure mutants, which combined with the presence of Angel, is a portent of the X-Men storylines that involve Apocalypse.
  • They have a large person wearing a helmet, completely bound up, who appears later in the trailer and, absolutely, is Juggernaut. I disagree with their interpretation and think he should be a good 1-2 feet taller and about twice as broad.
  • Phoenix is definitely in the movie.
  • Beast is in the movie too.
  • I'm pretty sure I saw the Scarlet Witch, which means the possibility of some great bizarroness and that I probably also saw Quicksilver.
  • It looks like Colossus may be taking a more dominant role this time around.
  • The scenes with young children may imply that they're going to try to draw in some of the younger generations of mutants, probably for spin-off purposes later. Storm is hugging one of these children near the end, this may be The Spike. I've read that they're already planning a Wolverine spin-off, so we may be looking at a great big franchise here.

That's the extent of my speculative powers as regards seeing things and picking apart the context. Looks like it'll be fun and I hope I'm right about the spin-off franchise bit.