Necessary Background: I fenced (the sport with pokey things) in high school, a whole lot. Good, now that that's out of the way, on to the post.

One of the guys at work is a member of the fencing club (Prise de Fer) that is run by my high school fencing coach and I noticed this when I saw him wearing one of the club jackets. This discovery on my part led to a brief (~1 minute) conversation. Then, today, Wayne, this particular co-worker of mine, relayed a message from my old coach that I should drop by CC (CCHS, my old high school) to, at the very least, say hi. I decided to go by and drag my old fencing gear along, just in case I felt like fencing. I ended up watching the latter portion of the meet and then heading over to Prise de Fer's club space, fencing for a while and hanging out for a little bit. Despite not having fenced in ~5 years, I'm not as out of practice as I expected but I am more out of shape than I expected. Anyway, it was an awful lot of fun fencing again, even though I suck now. I think that I've probably found a good way to stop regretting that I gave up fencing, ungiving it up.

Incidentally, I was pretty good back in the day. I was varsity three years in a row, captain my senior year and ranked as the 163rd best, under 21 foil fencer in the United States.