Lunch break auto mechanickery

It turns out that lunch breaks are a fantastic time to get some auto repair time in. I changed two of my spark-plugs yesterday before work, two on my lunch break yesterday and the final two on my lunch break today. It's perfect; there's nice, flat, well-lit tarmac in our parking lot and I've got an hour of free time. I don't need a garage as long as the weather is ok and most of the minor work I'm doing doesn't take even an hour, so why should I bother waiting for a weekend to have some time during the day to work on my car (I don't want to bother with getting lights to work at night). I still need to change my oil, but I'll probably end up doing that at home tomorrow because I don't really want to wait for the end of the weekend and I've finished replacing all my spark-plugs, so there won't be any more work to be done on my car right in the immediate future. Oh well, even if I don't need to do anything more, it's good to know that I've got a good place and time to do my mechanickery when I do need it.