Where there's one deer, there's usually more

Driving home this evening, I saw a deer run across the street a few hundred feet ahead of me and in spite of not seeing any other deer around, I figured it was best to slow down a whole lot. Lucky for me, I was right to assume there'd be more as another one leapt across the street not twenty feet in front of me as I got to where the first had crossed. If I hadn't assumed more were to follow, I would be both a deer killer and the proud owner of a truck with a smashed front end. Ignoring the ruining my truck part, I really don't much want to crash into a deer because then I'd be stuck with a fatally wounded deer in pain. I don't know exactly what I'd do in that situation but I did think about it a good deal after narrowly avoiding having to deal with it. In the end, I came to the conclusion that the correct approach would be to take the crowbar from my trunk and beat the deer to death; sure it's not pleasant but it's better than leaving it to suffer and die slowly. I don't much want to have to go and kill anything, even out of mercy; it saddened me enough that time I accidentally ran over a fox. Damnit, now I'm remembering that fox again. I'm such a softie, oh well, whatever, I just don't like killing things. I guess the moral of this story really is, where there's one deer, there's usually another.


My friend Dave tells the story of hitting a deer in their bigass truck while towing race cars back from a race (he is/was on the pit crew); one of the other dudes, using the tire iron, did exactly as you've described, but since it was in a relatively deep ditch, Dave's perspective on it was limited to the rise and fall of the iron, almost as if in a horror movie.

But yeah, hitting deer definitely sucks.


Couldn't you instead call the police, and have someone come shoot it? That's what I would do, because either way, someone will eventually have to come to move it from the street, since it would be a hazard, especially in the middle of the road at night.

Yes, I would certainly call the police to have it removed but, in the mean time, the deer would still be writhing in broken agony on the road. I've driven past similar situations with people waiting for the police and it's not at all pretty.