Blasted Stereo

Yesterday, my car stereo died on me; it scratched the crap out of one of my CDs (thankfully a burned one and not one of my real ones) and then started playing other ones very crackly and wrong. Needless to say, this really pissed me off, so I went by Circuit City to get a new one and then went about installing it. Installation was neat because I ripped the wiring harness off my old after-market stereo and soldered it up to my new one; I haven't soldered anything in a while so it was kind of fun. Then I went out and installed it, and, get this, only my hot-wired speaker worked (that's another story). I had to run off and do stuff so I couldn't try to figure out what was wrong until later. After poking around the Internet, I determined that my factory amp was causing the problems and I had to do a little bit of rewiring of the harness. Thankfully after rewiring the harness and reinstalling the new stereo today, everything is working about as well as can be expected. Of course, as well as can be expected is not as well as I would like because my factory amp is still limiting my new stereo. There is, of course, a solution to this problem too, which is to by-pass my stereo amp and I've already gotten the wiring harness to do that. Now I just have to tear apart the paneling in the back of my car and install the by-pass. (Maybe I'll remove the factory amp and see if I can't tear it apart, beef it up and have a nice little external amplifier.)