The Bane of my Car Audio Experience

Ford Factory Amp Ford Factory Amp (open)

Today I tore apart the trim on the passenger side of my truck, and ripped out the God forsaken "Premium Audio" factory installed amplifier. The factory amp has long been the bane of my truck's stereo system for a very long time now. The number of problems I can blame on that stupid amp are many and I won't bother enumerating them but now it has been replaced by a by-pass I bought at Tweeter, which consists of nothing more than 8 wires and a couple connectors. Now that I've gotten the thing out and my truck's audio is finally up to par, I've got to figure out what I'm going to do with this silly amp; I'm not electronically inclined enough to do anything really interesting, but I'm open to suggestions.

Things sound so much better now; I'm so pleased.


Make a hat out of it!