Ventolin Now: Redux

I've been working on a policy of aim for getting to work at 9a but based on my ability to wake up that's been translating to 9:15a on a good day and closer to 10a on an average day. Today, one of my bosses (or superiors or something) told me that I should be getting in closer to 9a. Honestly, I was kind of expecting this to happen at some point and thankfully the way in which it was presented indicates that it hasn't become an issue yet. All that said, the simple fact of the matter is that it's find a better alarm clock time (so that I don't just press snooze for two hours like usual). As far as alarm clocks go, there's one perfect choice and it means going back to classics: Ventolin in the AM. Now, by Ventolin, I don't mean the drug, I mean the Aphex Twin song. The song is fantastically caustic (though very good) and will wake you up like nothing else. The method I have chosen for Ventolin presentation is the same one that I devised in high school: Winamp called with Ventolin's mp3 as an option from a Windows Scheduled Task every weekday morning. So yeah, if you want a surefire way to wake up in the morning, I highly recommend Aphex Twin - Ventolin.


Side effects of Ventolin in the morning may include hypertension, internal bleeding, and slowly going insane.

No joke, last time I used Ventolin as a regular alarm clock, I got myself trained to completely wake up a few minutes before it came on out of fear of the shock of being woken up by the song.