I for one, will bow down to our Japanese overlords

The internet has provided me with proof that the Japanese are super-humans who are going to take over the world. Just look at how they fold shirts, peel potatoes and do everything else. Seriously, I watched the shirt folding video at least five times and was still left completely agog.


That t-shirt video is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

jess hinel showed me how to do the shirt folding thing a while back. it's possibly the sole benefit of working in retail clothing.

I think I'm going to fold my shirts this way from now on. It involves less possibility of fucking up than my current system, which involves grabbing the shirt at the seams between the sleeve and the main portion of the shirt, lifting, and then laying the shirt down with a folding motion while sweeping it forward a bit. It's a simple movement, actually, but some of my shirts (i.e., the ones with long sleeves and seams in the wrong places) take forever to fold this way.