Migrations and Upgrades: Expect Downtime

I have, just recently, gotten a spiffy Speakeasy DSL connection installed at my home for my personal use. The DSL connection provides me with 3.0Mbps/768kbps (up/down) speeds and a number of static IP addresses, which means that I can finally move my server out of an MIT closet. This move will take a few hours during which time my server will be completely down and then there will be a lag time as the DNS servers are updated to reflect the change. So, what I'm saying is, expect a day or so of downtime for all of gwax.[com,net,org], including mail services, sometime in the near future.

After the migration, there'll be another fun server happening, namely a rather big upgrade. I've been thinking of upgrading my server since I got a properly paying job and I happened to be browsing the Dell website when I noticed that they were selling rather fancy equipment at rather large discounts. Long story short, in a couple weeks, I should have a brand-spanking new Dell PowerEdge SC430 server with a 2.8GHz Dual Core Pentium D, 1GB DDR2 RAM and 160GB SATA Hard Drive space, which was discounted from $976 to $499. This machine is going to be an absolute beast, totally blowing all of my other computers out of the water (there's Moore's Law for you). So, after that beast arrives, I'll get it set up with all of the services that my current server provides, slowly migrate serving responsibilities over (which ought to be transparent to all of you) and then retire my current server to some other menial task.

There is, of course, one question left to answer: what should I name my new machine?




Bob Saget!

one of many possible hobo names