Gophers and Mini-Crises

After some deliberation and whatnot, I have decided to attend the University of Minnesota School of Law next year. I've been thinking about this quite a bit since I first got my acceptance letter from them and I'm really looking forward to this whole law school in the Twin Cities thing. There have, however, been a couple of bumps in the road of my mind already.

The first mini-crisis that I encountered happened when I was writing the address on the envelope of my acceptance reply. Things were uneventful until I hit the address zip code, 55455, which hit me like a cosh in the back of my skull. For as long as I can remember having a zip code, it's been a 0####: 01742 - Concord, 02543 - Woods Hole, 02139/02141 - Cambridge. I am moving away in a fundamentally different way than I have before; I will be well over a thousand miles from any of my home ground.

The second mini-crisis hit me right after an IRC discussion about Magic cards; I know it's ultra-geeky but that's what struck me. I am going off to law school and leaving the world of engineering and science; this won't be MIT where, even if they won't admit it, everyone is a huge geek. I am going to have to find cultural context that doesn't rely on Magic cards and computers; I guess it's a good thing that everyone plays Halo.

Now, don't get me wrong, I see these mini-crises as a good sign, not a bad one. Since, change and varied experience are central elements of my desire, being struck by the magnitude of certain changes means that I'm going in precisely the right direction. Besides, Minnesota is cold, gets tons of snow and gophers are almost as awesome as monkeys.



Also: huzzah for stare decisis! OOPS I MEAN MAKING A DECISION

What I wouldn't give for a palindromatic zip code... man, some people get all the luck.

wh00t!! welcome to the land of zipcodes that begin with 5's!

also, i can recommend a fencing club to you, if you're truly interested...

gee, just the other day i was thinking it would be nice to be able to call you up and have a drink, soon that will be even less possible. but hey, i may be moving to mexico, so i guess it goes both ways.

movin' on up to the midwest side..

Big CONGRATS Georgie! True: the people are very different... but every person is still a huge geek, just in a different way.