Happy Birthday to Me

Another year has slipped by and I am now 23. The matter is really kind of a non-event for me; my age increments by one and... what? I guess I can take some solice in the fact that my age is now a Discordian holy number (or maybe it's a holey number) but beyond that, there's really nothing special about it.


Happy birthday dude!

I sort of realized the same thing about birthdays. There's not much to look forward to after your 21st...

Heppy birfday, sor.

Also: we are the same age, for 1/3 year.

Happy birthday you retarded douche hound.

we forgot your birthday again.

although it's clear to me now that birthdays are what you make of them. no one else is going to organize your party now that your mom stopped doing it.

Yeah, I figured since I'm not in the city anymore, I wouldn't bother trying to organize something.