Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

It has come to my attention that the endangered Tree Octopus of the Pacific Northwest is suffering through even tougher times than it has in the past and I have decided to join the effort to preserve this unique species. Normally, I'm too lazy to bother being proactive in regards to the environment but things have gone too far with regards to the Tree Octopus. Admittedly, I'm quite a fan of cephalopods but nonetheless, we are doing a very poor job as dominant species here; we have a responsibility to the environment and we cannot allow such a unique and important creature to go extinct.

For more information on organized attempts to preserve the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, see the official preservation site. For more general cephalopod information, I recommend this blog devoted to cephalopods.


wouldn't tree octopi be great? What an obvious pet market.

Bah! I wear my tree octopus hat proudly.

Also, my hat of meat.


"Do I not look dapper in my pig hat?"