To choose a True Name is a powerful responsibility

I have been thinking on the matter of what to name my new server quite a bit lately and have found it to be the most difficult parts of setting up my new computer. I believe, however, that I have finally settled on a name. The list of runner-ups is as follows (in no particular order):

  • abyss
  • hobozero
  • tacosquid
  • cephalopod
  • sackfist
  • monkeyglove
  • gluttonous-slim
  • tzar-king-rex
  • hobo-overload
  • ralph
  • pants
  • el-boot
  • your-mom
  • nothing
  • e-hobo
  • thor-the-bumhammer
  • leonard
  • spatula

In the end, all of these possible names have lost out to hobosphere. All glory be unto the hobosphere.