I don't think I have the right views on global warming

I recently came across the trailer for Al Gore's new movie about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, so I figured that I might as well watch it and see what's up. The trailer on it's own has completely changed my views on global warming but probably not for the better. There was one particular scene where they were showing what would happen to various coastlines if the South Pole melted causing sea level to rise twenty feet and I had the instant thought that when ("if" if you want to be an optimist) global warming really kicks in, I'll have to get a bigger boat. Seriously, if there's apocalyptic flooding, I'll just pull a Kevin Costner in Waterworld, except without the gills, nautical inaccuaracies or that whole pariah thing.

Somehow, I think the point was to get me to be scared and start fighting against global warming not get me to think about boats. Oops.