My Magic Scooter

Ok kiddies, random bizarro dream time:


I spent an awful lot of time riding around on my magic scooter. I remember being in Cambridge mostly, riding from place to place, visiting with various friends and having a jolly good time. The portion that I recall most vividly was riding along the Fresh Pond Parkway from Memorial Drive to Route 2. I remember stopping at the light where the Fresh Pond Parkway crosses Huron Avenue and passing a truck to be the first one to the halfway point of the intersection. Of course, the details really aren't very important, the point is I had a scooter and I was having a jolly good time riding around on it.

Now, my scooter was in no way an ordinary scooter, it was a magical scooter (possibly in a Clarke's third law sense). To explain how the scooter was special, I want you to start by thinking about a generic scooter, like a Vespa or such, that's pretty much how my magic scooter worked. Now, despite working a lot like any other scooter, my magic scooter was more like a pair of shoes than an ordinary scooter; basically, I just had to stand with my feet in a line, one in front of the other, sit down a bit, grasp imaginary handle bars and go. My scooter was magic in so far as it wasn't even there.


I know it's not all that interesting a story but think about it from the conceptual level; how awesome would it be to have a scooter built into your shoes. I wonder if someone could manufacture such an interface; boots with pop out wheels and tiny motors with wireless connections to special control gloves.