Wisdom Teeth and Jewelry

Today, two of my teeth migrated from in my mouth to out of my mouth. In other words, I got my remaining two wisdom teeth yanked. Between being a pack rat and not liking to lose parts of myself, I obviously kept the teeth. I must say, teeth are pretty keen little things, structurally and aesthetically; heck, I can totally understand the appeal of a necklace of teeth, especially molars. Ooh, I like this, if anyone out there is getting or has had their wisdom teeth pulled and doesn't really want the teeth, please send or give them to me; if I get enough teeth, I'll make a necklace and I promise you that I'll wear it.

If you would like to donate your teeth to my cause, leave a message here, e-mail me, IM me, hand them to me or mail them to me (relevant contact information can be found on my homepage. I promise that it'll be a nice necklace too, I'd probably spring for a nice gold or silver chain to hold the teeth together.


Ah the tooth fairy at least gives money for teeth, will you? And speaking of which that could be a source of teeth, don't suppose Joey is young enough to lose any more baby teeth

He might have a few still kicking around but they'd be too small. I'm interested in the big ones: molars, wisdom teeth and the like; don't much want incisors or canines on my necklace either.

I just watched an episode of Wonder Showzen and somehow it makes your idea of a tooth necklace seem significantly less psychotic.