Freshly Packaged 1s and 0s sent to your Door

Between work and having hard drive problems at home, I've started listening to a lot of streaming internet radio and I've had some pretty good results. For a while I was on an NPR kick, listening to WBUR (my local NPR) and having a pretty good time with that. As is inevitably the case with me, I got tired of hearing old news and went in search of a decent music stream. In the past I'd had rather poor luck with finding a music stream to my liking but this is no longer the past. I stopped by Digitally Imported Internet Radio ( to see what they have to offer these days. Looking at what DI has to offer, ignoring the ones I know I don't much like, I decided to give their Chillout Stream [.pls] a try and I have got to say, I am mighty pleased. DI sort of fell out of my favor a few years back when they were still playing mostly trance and most trance happened to turn into crap. In the intervening years DI added more streams, none of which quite grabbed me, but now this Chillout stream is really hitting me as just my sort of thing. They've even played a couple songs that I know and am quite partial to: Peace of Mind by Dark Soho and Behind Closed Eyelids by Shpongle. Color me pleased DI.

Now, if only there were some way that I could get this in my car.