History shall know today as T-Day

Today is a historic day in the computing world of George; today I have broken the 1 terabyte mark. I've had some minor issues with a few (4) of my hard drives recently, so between my data packrat tendencies and the current price of hard drives, I went out and bought a pair of 300GB hard drives. What, a pair of 300GB hard drives, ludicrous you say? Not so, I always buy hard drives in pairs so that I can stripe them as RAID 0 arrays; it's a principle, habit and policy thing of mine, so pairs. Also, if I'd gotten any less than 500GB, I wouldn't have enough space to resolve my current hard drive issues so as to be able to burn DVDs and reformat everything. Anyway, adding 600GB to thevoid's current 480GB brings her to a grand total of 1080GB, which makes thevoid my first computer to break out of the sub-terabyte world. Doing a quick tally over all of my various datastores, thevoid at 1080GB, hobosphere at 160GB, r-type at 4GB (snicker), ~400 blank and used CD-Rs making 280GB, ~300 blank and used DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs making 1350GB, my current data capacity is sitting pretty near a whopping 2.8TB; man I love big numbers!

In thinking about how much space I now have on one computer (thevoid), it occurs to me that it might very well be time to start putting Operation Dreadnought in action (cue ominous music).


just think of how many ones and zeros that is.

I'm not sure counting your dvds and cds is a good measure of data capacity. At least it's less impressive.

Yeah, I know counting single write media makes it a little less impressive but, independent of the DVDs and CDs, I still broke a terabyte in hard drive capacity just now. It's ~1.4TB hard drive and ~1.4TB blank media.