Neutral Nets and Rockets that go Boom

I've started watching the daily vlog (please tell me I'm not becoming hip) Rocketboom because it covers issues that interest me in a style that I like and the host(ess) is cute. I mention this to you today both because I've been watching it long enough to think that it's worth mentioning to the rest of you and because they actually did something that caused me to pause and take note. Today's Rocketboom is probably the best piece I have yet seen on the topic of net neutrality; don't get me wrong, Ask A Ninja did a fine piece on net neutrality too but the piece by Rocketboom does a really good job of explaining why net neutrality is a really important issue and why everyone needs to tell their governmental representatives to keep our internet free. I really don't want to find myself, ten years from now, lamenting over the way the internet used to be.


Not exactly sure why, but she reminds me of Tina Fey. Also, do you mind if I post this link on my blog?

Link away.