Pee-Wee Herman and wtf?!

I have just now discovered that Pee-Wee's Playhouse exists in re-runs on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) and let me tell you, Internet, the television shows that existed while I was a child were decidedly bizarre. In fact, when I think about it, there were some really wonderful shows on television when I was a child (Transformers, Bill Nye, etc.), some really f***ed up ones and an awful lot of overlap. Of course, on top of Pee-Wee Herman being a very strange children's show star, there's also the part where he got arrested for exposing himself in public; I wonder how many people in my generation that left an effect on and what those effects were. I wonder if every generation gets to look back on their childhoods in the way that television re-runs and downloading old shows from the Internet allows me to; my guess would be not and it leaves me wondering what strange effect that'll leave on my generation.