A Growing Fear of the Law

Whilst I had previously found myself totally at ease about going to law school, in the past day or so I have started to develop some very strong apprehensions. Quite frankly, I'm flat out terrified right now. I am aware that my fear is simply a fear of the unknown but that provides me little solace and I am left plodding forward and hoping it turns out to not be that bad. There are really three matters that contribute to my fear: grading, participation and homework. Grading is done in a manner that I am unaccustomed to, namely there's a final and nothing else; my entire grade for each class will be determined by a single test that I take in three and a half months. Although participation essentially doesn't contribute to my grades, I am not looking forward to the Socratic method of calling out and grilling students; that said, it may turn out not to be as bad as I currently think. As for homework, class has not yet begun and I already have about forty pages of reading with some writing assignments due for each of my classes and if I'm getting this much before class begins, I'm a little concerned about how much work I will have later. I'm glad that this fear has only just set in as I'll get some relief once classes get underway in two days but I'd certainly prefer if the fear wasn't here to begin with. Anyway, I mostly just wanted to vent and get my apprehensions out of my head but I'll keep you folks posted on how things turn out as time passes.


Keep your head up, sirrah! There's nothing to fear but fear of ... well, a number of things. Anyway... you'll be fine.

Well, if being law-ful doesn't work out, at least you can always rob banks for a living.